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Brandy Brown

Brandy Renee Brown is an American Actress and Producer. Born in Dayton, Ohio but raised in Raleigh, North Carolina actress turned filmmaker Brandy Renee Brown studied her craft at East Carolina University but left only after her second year to gain hands on experience. Not content to simply perform in front of an audience, Brandy went on to pursue hands on experience in both film and television. She is best known as Bridgot from the indie zombie post apocalyptic film, “One Last Sunset.”

She loves working behind the scenes as much as in front of an audience. At Lucid Reality Productions, Brandy has taken on the role of Producer for In The Pines, and other major studio productions. Brandy has thrown herself head first into her new position as Producer but acting will continue to be her first love.

Alma Hill

Alma Hill is a North Carolinian native with an enduring passion for acting. Currently a resident of Orlando, FL, she spends her days balancing family life, auditions, and work.

Best known for her breakout supporting lead role in One Last Sunset , Hill has appeared in several other films, including Silent For Too Long, The Eternal Man, Fruit Fly, and portrayed the character of Joann in the independent stoner-comedy, Loaded.

Clemeen Connolly

Clemeen Connolly was born in Central Islip, Long Island NY. Her family moved to North Carolina when Connolly was in her early teens. From early childhood, she explored the boundless ranges of her imagination and began performing scenes from her favorite movies on homemade movie sets in the backyard or basement. Growing up a fan of old films of all genres, she found a special infinity towards horror and studied the performances and acting techniques. She credits these early formative years studying films as the founding basis for the acting techniques she utilizes today in her film work.

Connolly found success in her debut film role as the disillusioned character Deidre in the Award Winning indie horror film, One Last Sunset (2010 ). She is also a stunt performer who has performed many of her own stunts in film. Connolly has continued to pursue her craft in the independent and studio arena with films such as A Better Man, Absolute Killers, Aphasia, and Masterminds.

Addy Miller

Addy Miller started her career as a child model at the age of four, acting later followed, but she didn’t get her first big break until the age eight when she won the role of Young Lily (Dakota Fanning) in “The Secret Life of Bees.”

Addy’s most recognized work is on AMC’s original series “The Walking Dead,” cast as the Little Girl/Teddy Bear Walker in the pivotal opening scene that set the tone for the entire show. Fans of the show have raved her scene as “Best Kill,” “Shock of the Week,” “Zombie of the Week,” and declared Addy as an “Instant Horror Legend.” Her character was later named “Summer” in The Walking Dead Social game on Facebook, which also served as her character’s back story.

Addy has since built her resume by taking on countless role across various genres. She is an upcoming talent to watch out for.


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