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Kevin-Richmond [Director, Producer]

Kevin Richmond is an Award-winning director, producer, actor, and writer, who has been involved with many facets of entertainment since the age of five. He was born in Durham, North Carolina. His parents moved the family to Hoffman Estates, Illinois, when his father was transferred there as a welder where Richmond was provided access to some of the city’s most influential art forms. After high school, Richmond majored in Biology and minored in English at NC Central University. Due to financial issues, he made the decision to drop out of college and join the US Army.

Once he finished his commitment term and honorably discharged, he focused his sights on pursuing the arts as an actor. He later began to cultivate his writing with various screenwriting groups until he decided to produce his first film, A 2nd Before Hell Freezes Over.

In 2000, Richmond formed his staple production company, Peepin Tom Productions Inc. The name of the company was derived from the company’s mission statement that productions will focus on the undercurrent of emotions that harbor in all of us. Thus providing a “Peeping Tom’s glimpse.” He is an advocate of the Stanislavski method of acting and has credited his success and transition into directing from this inner methodical approach. As a director he is best known for the Award Winning zombie indie “One Last Sunset.” As a Producer, his is best known for films that feature strong female lead characters.

Jim McQuaid [Director of Photography]

 Jim McQuaid is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he spend many hours at Cinema Guild showings and the early Ann Arbor Film Festival presentations. He taught photography and the history of photography and ran the Oral History Project at the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House in the late 1970s.

Jim is the author of The Guide To American Photographic Collections and co-author of Photography: Source & Resource. He frittered away a decade or so working in high technology marketing and product management until he realized that telling stories of people was more fun than telling stories about products. He returned to film production in the 1990s just as digital video began to change the dynamics of filmmaking.


Keith Bailey

Keith Bailey has been on the fringes of the film and television Industry for most of his life. As a teen and into his adult years he studied writing under the late Gene Rodenberry, and was a script repair consultant for Star Trek Next Generation.

In 1991 Keith worked as a makeup assistant for The Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day Louis, filmed in the Asheville NC area. In 2000 Keith worked as a makeup assistant on the Patriot with Mel Gibson. This lead to the decision to get a cosmetology degree. Since obtaining his degree in 2011, Keith has worked on numerous projects as a Key Makeup artist such as Hangman, The Box, The Dark One, Night Whispers, Simply Delicious and Two Rounds.

Rachele Salisbury

Born and raised on a farm in Eastern Ohio, Rachel Salisbury delved into art at a very early age. Receiving heavy artistic influences and inspiration from her portrait artist grandmother, Salisbury was encouraged and nurtured to sketch, paint, sculpt and read by the ripe age of three years old.

Although best known for her work as a SFX makeup artist, Salisbury is also an accomplished filmmaker. She co-produced her first film in the tenth grade and quickly gained a working knowledge behind the camera with forays into filming and editing.

“Years later, many roads traveled, I am still a little girl myself, playing dress up every day. I still experience new things with the wonder of a child.”

Salisbury has continued her pursuits in the arts with countless film and theatrical productions: Godspell, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Man of La Mancha, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Death of a Salesman, The Miracle Worker, Medea, The Cherry Orchard, Waiting for Godot, My Fair Lady, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Music Man, Junction Erosion Study, Charlotte’s Web, and In the Devil’s Courthouse.

Russ Willey

Russ Willey started doing plays in middle school and began a lifelong journey into the world of theatrical and film make-up. After performing in several local television commercials , he met a make-up lady on the set that introduced him to sfx make-up.

With years under his resume as an actor, sfx make up artist and an accomplished martial artist, Willey has continued to build a career in the movie business in such films as, Pendulum Swings, Two Rounds, Simply Delicious, No Brainer, My Name is Paul, Banshee, One Church, Curfew, One Last Sunset, 10 Rounds of Sleeping Around, In the Devil’s Courthouse, and Scatter.