The Story

Deep in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina, two sisters, Nita (Hill) and Brigot (Brown) struggle to exist against all odds of survival as an apocalyptic virus turns the entire remaining human population into flesh eating zombies. With disease and cannibalism running rampant, they cross the path of an unpredictably violent and disillusioned school teacher, Diedre (Connolly).

Your best chance of SURVIVAL…

Is finding something worth DYING for

Brandy Brown, Alma J Hill, Clemeen Connolly and Addy Miller star in One Last Sunset Redux, a horror thriller about the struggle for survival against the psychological effects of loneliness and unending deadly encounters with flesh hungry zombies. Written by Kemper Sease (One Last Sunset, VS, Beyond the Blue) and Directed by Kevin Richmond (One Last Sunset, VS, A 2nd Before Hell Freezes Over) with a musical score by Cutshaw Kane, the film is a gripping, visceral and powerfully moving character study on the internal and external struggles of attempting to maintain hope in a seemingly hopeless situation.

“You ever think that maybe there are

more survivors… like us?”

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Peepin Tom Productions and Associates LLC and Peepin Tom Productions Inc. present a Peepin Tom Productions and Associates LLC / In Association with Turnip Film in One Last Sunset Redux. The director of photography is Jim McQuaid. Production designer is John P. Goldsmith. Editor is Jim McQuaid. The music is composed by CutshawKane. Executive producer is Kevin Richmond. The Consuting Producer is Maxann Crotts Harvey. The Associate Producer is Ted Cooke. Produced by Kevin Richmond. Written by Kemper Sease and Directed by Kevin Richmond. Casting by Beverly Brock, Maxann Crotts Harvey and Kevin Richmond.